Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to plan ahead. You can choose now which relative or friend should make decisions for you in the future if you are unable to make decisions yourself.

There are 2 types of Lasting Power of Attorney:

Property and Financial Affairs - your Attorneys can make financial decisions relating to selling your home, controlling your bank accounts and claiming benefits on your behalf. It also allows your Attorneys to deal with the payment of care home fees or care at home packages.

Health and Welfare - your Attorneys are permitted to make decisions relating to your living accommodation and care package. This is becoming increasingly important when dealing with hospitals and social services. Decisions can also be made regarding your medical treatment including giving or refusing life sustaining treatment if you decide to issue that power to your Attorneys.


Your Attorney must be over the age of 18, they cannot be a bankrupt and they must be someone you trust to run your affairs. We suggest appointing more than one Attorney so that there is always someone available to assist you if one Attorney becomes ill, dies or moves abroad for a lengthy period of time.

The Lasting Power of Attorney will need to be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian before it can be used and your professional adviser will handle this process for you taking all the stress and worry away. By registering the document immediately, the Attorney will be able to use the same as soon as it is needed. You, the donor are able to provide your Attorney(s) with guidance, if you wish to do so, regarding the powers that the Attorney(s) will have.

An LPA is a complex matter but extremely beneficial for you and your family as it protects your position and ensures provision for you should your health deteriorate.

In some ways an LPA is more important than making a will and deserves careful consideration and preparation by a specialist.