About Us

The Will Writers network (WW Network) links people working within the Will Writing and other legal and financial professions together for mutual gain.

Let’s look at how this works in practice by taking a couple of simple examples to see the benefits regardless of if you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional with many years of experience.

Example 1

Bob and Jane are owners of a small Will Writing practice that has been established for a number of years and now they feel it is time to look at expanding their practice. They are competent Will Writers themselves but realise they lack the knowledge needed to grow their company and are not even sure where to start.

They decide to become Active members of WW Network and are now able to make contact with other professionals who promote their expertise through WW Network and have the experience and knowledge that Bob and Jane are looking for.

Bob and Jane make a lot of useful contacts but like the idea of working with one particular contact Stuart who has been in the industry for 20 years and already has proven methods and his own larger practice that has a team of consultants on the road.

Stuart is an active member of WW Network and his charges are reasonable and so together they go about growing Bob and Janes company.

This is a win win situation as Bob and Jane are now well on the road to expansion and Stuart enjoys getting the revenue that goes with his experience and expertise.

Example 2

John is an IFA looking to add Will Writing to his portfolio.

John has no experience in Will Writing but has a bank of loyal clients who like and trust him. John wants to take advantage of this opportunity and decides that he is happy to take client instructions but wants to have the Wills drafted by experts for peace of mind and so he becomes an Active member of WW Network.

This allows him to contact other members offering this service and soon John is well on the road to success.

John finds a number of good options who offer Will drafting services.

He finally settles on working with Louise as she offers full training and her costs are reasonable.

By using WW Network both John and Louise have gained.

Example 3

Brian has lots of experience and expertise in drafting Wills , LPAs and is also able to draft Lifetime Trusts (which is a reserved activity) however is no longer interested in client facing and has decided to reshape his company and offer his drafting skills to directly to consultants.

Brian becomes an Active member of WW Network and soon has access to Will Writers and IFAs in the market place.

Brian contacts a number of members looking for his services and is soon able to give up meeting clients face to face and concentrate on drafting which is his passion.

Brian has totally reshaped his practice and now offers a drafting services only which suits his lifestyle.

Example 4

Joe is turning 50 and is no longer enjoying what he does for a living and is looking for a chance of career. Joe likes the flexibility of having a Will Writing practice but has no experience.

Joe becomes an Active member of WW Network and contacts a number of members and finds all he needs to get started.

Joe has now attended training and has purchased Will Writing software as well as all of the documentation he needs and has completed his first case.

By becoming an Active member of WW Network the job of starting his own company has been made easy for Joe.

As you can see from the above examples whether you have services to sell or wish to buy the expertise Active members of WW Network gain so join now.